Why Mr Trump called Mr. Obama a sick GUY.

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Why Mr Trump called Mr. Obama a sick GUY.

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Trump and Obama allegation is being the news headline regarding wire Tapping.Former president Barack Obama is being accused by current president of United States of America Mr. Donald Trump regarding wire Tapping by Mr Obama on Trump during the late stage of presidential election.

According to Mr Trump Mr Obama has gone so low that he tried to Tapping his phone during the presidential election process. Because of this FBI and congressional investigation team pressurised his campaign team and Russian officials member from his campaign team.

Trump said the allegations of wire Tapping took place in his Trump tower but no evidence found there.President Obama imposed and pressurised the us Russian diplomats to leave the United States in December as at the time of allegation was made by Obama administration in November 8th during presidential election.

Trump national security advisor and Russian ambassador Michael flying resigned in Feb before Trump took office. Flynn promised Mike pence the vice president that he had not discussed the United States sanction with Russians but transcripts of intercepted communication made by us officials had showed the conversation between him and Russian ambassador.

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