Most powerful Chief Minister of India ever seen Mr Yogi Adityanath

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Most powerfull chief minister india has ever seen and the most kind cm its non other but present chief minister of uttar Pradesh Mr. Yogi Adityanath

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In Indian history politics we might have seen lots of politician minister cm prime minister but when we see yogi Aditya natu in action in just two weeks he took hundreds of most powerfull action that is i am pretty much sure that are more than enough to declare him the most powerfull chief minister also the most humble and honest chief minister .

So we have decided to list some powerfull action that he took within Just two weeks i hope my readers would love to read

1.yogi adityanath has decided to finish the vvip culture of his minister and ordered his minister to avoid travelling with red light

2. Asked his minister to give thier wealth related document and asked to declare it within 15 days

3.yogi asked all the government doctors to not to practice any private clinic within 20 days to stop it if they are doing so.

4. He build a seperate police force specialised in taking care of womens safety and that is anti romeo squad within 3 days.

5.Yogi ordered to sieze all the illegal slaughter houses that have been running from several years in the past government

6.yogi ordered to stop using guttika tambakoo or tobacco or pan masala to all government employee during thier office hours

7. All the policemens started cleaning their police station under the mission of swatch bharat abhiyan.

8.yogi ordered to make a list of all the most wanted murderer and mafia active in the state and take strong action against them

9. Now in state all the victims helpless people getting help from the official twitter handle in Just single tweet.

10. It was never been so easy for the uttar Pradesh people to meet thier chief minister just within 15 mints and get thier problem resolved .

11. His frequent visits to police station and hospital playing Key role in maintaining law and .order situation in state like uttar Pradesh.

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