How to quit smoking - certainly you need some motivation and will power to quit smoking buddy

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How to quit smoking - certainly you need some motivation and will power to quit smoking buddy


Are you that person who never gets through the day without hitting a puff? if you are not but you still take time to puff, there is one thing that you should know smoking is never ideal for your life style smoking kills you financially physically in every aspects of life . You certainly needs some plann and motivation and will power to quit smoking habits so i have decided to write a blog about this topic.

Here are some point to point motivational tips to get rid of smoking and most important to get rid of bad health.

Tips No. #1 Make a cigarette case with your reason for quitting perhaps picture of your grand kids name of people or reasons you want to quit smoking. Keep your cigarettes in that sleves.

Tips No. #2 eat nuts in the shell four nuts everytimes when you are craving a cigarrretes. This will keep your mouth busy just like when you smoke.

Tips No. #3 Always think positive and follow a strong plann to quit smoking. You need to have strong will power and also habit of carelessness or may be the way you were thinking for life and cigarretes as well.

Tips No. #4 Change your drinking habbits of tea coffee alcohal these are the kinds of drink which makes cigarrettes taste better. So when you are out drink more water and fruit juices.

Tips No. #5 Make a list of reason to quit why you gave up make alist of the reasons and read it when you need support. Ex-smoker chris 28 says i used to take a picture of my baby daughter with me when i went out if i was tempted i would looked at that to motivate me .

Tips No. #6 Change your diet plann a study in united ststes of america shows that when you take meat or chicken or any non veg diet ciagrattes make it much more satisfying while when you eat vegetable or fruit or salad smoking will be terrible.

Tips No. #7 Make a non smoking friends stick with them try to eat what they preffer and change your eating behaviour according to them and dont inite smokers with you whie you eat something. Tell your familly and friends that you have decided to quit your smoking habbits may be they can also encourage you to do that and such way thing will be easier to achieve.

Tips No. #8 Think about the financial benefits of smoking cigarretes and affect of it on other who smokes and suffered from disease like cancer to get yourself motivated.

Tips No. #9 Talk to your doctor whenever you feel dipressed after leaving your smoking habits but dont try to smoke again.

Tips No. #10 Excercising daily encourage you to quite smoking you can start morning walk daily. Excercising is far better than niccotine.

Tips No. #11 Try a homeopathic sparay Just spray it in your mouth everytime you craving for a cigarrette and wait for 90 seconds after spraying.

Tips No. #12 Drink a wheatgrass juice once a day. The flavour is said to kill nicotine cravings.

Tips No. #13 Use the 4Ds Plann to trigger quiting habit 1.Delay 2.Distract 3. Deep Breathe 4.Drink Water. Try out this method may be this could be helpfull.

Tips No. #14 Be prepared for some withdrawal symptoms like nausea, headache, anxiety, irritability, coughing etc. They will gradually decrease 2-4 weeks

Tips No. #15 Ask some doctor for some medicine that can help you in quiting.

Tips No. #16 Use electronic cigarrette that look and feel same as real cigarrette with heating element in it that vapourises a solution this looks like smoke.

After Sometime when you quit smoking body start recovery to its normal state Lets see below some facts

Facts No. #1. Blood pressure return to its normal state after 20 minutes.

Facts No. #2. After 8 hours carbon monoxide level in blood drops by half and Oxygen level becomes normal

Facts No. #3. After 48 hours chance of heart attack begins to drop and sense of smell and taste becomes normal as nerves ends starts regrowth.

Facts No. #4. After 72 hours bronchial tubes relax. overall energy level rises.

Facts No. #5. After 2 weeks from quiting blood circulation increases.

Facts No. #6. After 3-9 Month cough and breathing problem resolves as lungs capacity improves by 10%.

Facts No. #7. After 1 year risk of having heart attack drops by half.

Facts No. #8. After 5 years risk of stroke becomes as normal as to that of a non smokers.

Facts No. #9. After 10 years risk of lung cancer returns to normal as to that a normal person . Risk of other types of bladder cancer throat cancer mouth cancer decreases.

Facts No. #10. After 10 years risk of heart attack becomes as normal as to that of non smokers

So dont burn it from today and starts experiencing a life inside you that really dont like when you smoke buddy. So promise it and quit it its not late

Conclusion : If you really have a strong will power very flexible thought power then no one can stop you from quiting smoking. You will have to keep yourself motivated all the time whenever some thoughts encourage you to smoke distract yourself from those bad thoughts and try to replace your bad smoking habits with some good habits like exercise playing games instead. Most important thing dont loose your focus in long run.

Our team of researchers will be adding some more good point to point analysis to our content so keep following our blogs

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