Hilarious health benefits of Good Sleep - Key Facts

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Hilarious health benefits of Good Sleep - Key Facts

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According to Dr. Keith Scott Mumby chronic lack of sleep produces hormones and chemical in the body which increase the risk of developing heart disease and strokes and other condition like high blood pressure cholestrol diabetes and obesity. To stay healthy we have to think of sleep the same way as we think about diet and exercise.

Lets focus on some key health benefits of good sleep

Key Benefit #1 Proper sleep reduces stress.

Key Benefit #1 Proper sleep reduces stress.

Key Benefit #2 Good sleep boost your memory

Key Benefit #3 It reduces inflamation.

Key Benefit #4 It makes you more alert and active.

Key Benefit #5 Good sleep repairs our body cells.

Key Benefit #6 It helps you to loose weight

Key Benefit #7 It keeps your heart healthy.

Key Benefit #8 Good sleep reduces the risk of depression.

Key Benefit #9 It boost body immune system to fight against diseases.

Key Benefit #10 It will lower our body cholestrol level.

Key Benefit #11 Good sleep prevents skin diseases.

Key Benefit #12 Sleeping is natural pain reliever.

Note : According to New york university sleep disorder center 90% of college student suffer from sleep deprivation

Consequences of too little sleep

Conseq #1 Reduce ability to manage stress

Conseq #2 can make person irritable and angry

Conseq #3 may be the cause of depression

Conseq #4 may cause mood disorder

Conseq #5 weakens the immune system

Conseq #6 can make contribute to heart disease diabetese

Conseq #7 can lead to weight gain

Conseq #8 affects memory power in brain

Conseq #9 it makes us inactive

How much sleep do you really need?

Key Fact #1 New born from age 0 - 2 months needs 12 - 18 hours of sleep

Key Fact #2 Infants from age 3 - 11 months needs 14 - 15 hours of sleep

Key Fact #3 Toddlers from age 1 - 3 years needs 12 - 14 hours of sleep

Key Fact #4 Preschoolers from age 3 - 5 years needs 11 - 13 hours of sleep

Key Fact #5 School age children from age 5 - 10 years needs 10 - 11 hours of sleep

Key Fact #6 Teens from age 10 - 17 years needs 8.5 - 9.25 hours of sleep

Key Fact #7 Adults needs 7- 9 hours of sleep

Tips for better sleep

Key Tips #1 Maintain a regular sleep and wake up time schedule.

Key Tips #2 Establish self relaxing habit before going to sleep such as listening music eating tasty food reading books etc.

Key Tips #3 create a sleep friendly environment dark room with normal temperature according to different season

Key Tips #4 Sleep on comfortable mattress and pilows.

Key Tips #5 Finish your food at least 2-3 before going to bed

Key Tips #6 Exercise regularly it help sleeping

Key Tips #7 Avoid tea cofee cold drink before your regular bedtime

Key Tips #8 Avoid ciagrette tobacco nicotine like products.

Key Tips #9 Avoid alchohal close to bedtime

Hope you likes our health tips about sleep Thankyou so much for your time share it socially untill then see you later :)

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