Health Benefits of eating vegetables

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Health benefits of eating vegetable in our daily routine Diet.


fruits and vegetables are clearly an important part of a good diet almost everyone can benefits of eating more of them but variety is it important quality no single fruit or vegetable provide all of the nucleus you need to be healthy the key live in the variety of different fruits and vegetables that you eat. Vegetables r rich in vitamin C and Calcium help prevent eyesight from problems including risk of contract and vegetables also decrease bone loss. Vegetables are good alternative of fruits and veggies are Jam packed with vitamin, minerals and fibre. vegetable are mostly law in Fats and calories.

Health benefits of eating potatoes.

1. Rich in vit C B6 , copper and magnese

2. Helps control blood sugar level.

3.Resist stroke and heart attack .

4. Prevents kadney stones.

5. High in Fibres and helps in liver cleansing.

6. potatoes are high in vitamin A. also best energy source for everyone.

Health benefits of spring onions or scallion

1.scallion is anti-oxidant , anti-viral

2. Spring onion is also good for healthy heart.

3.spring onion is great for our eyes.

4. It helps prevent arthritis also its anti-inflammatory.

5 . Helps prevents cancer , lowers our body cholelstrols.

6. Reduce nasals congestion also lower blood pressure.

Health benefits of Drumstick

1.Builds strong bones and purities our blood.

2. Helps in digestion protects against infection.

3. Real good for pregnant women.

4.eases our respiratory problem.

5.its lower blood sugar level.

6. its dam tasty and something different in taste.

Health benefits of eating celery.

1.Its anti- cancer , calms our nerves

2. Aids arthritis and relieves digestion.

3. Assist with migrains also anti inflamatory.

4.maintains healthy brain lower blood pressure.

5.prevents calcium deposit.

6. Rids kidney and Gall stones.

Health benefits of spinach

1. Rich in vitamins and mineral.

2. Regulates body blood pressure .

3. Boost immune system and maintains healthy brains

4. Anti oxidants rich and healthy for our bones

5.protects our skin and also anti cancer.

6 .High in brain friendly folates and vitamin B.

health benefits of bitter gourd

1.Respiratory disorder

2. Helps to maintain healthy liver and bladder.

3. Get rid of acne

4. Food diabetic patients very healthy.

5. Controls blood sugar level.

6. Good for health diseases also good for curing constipation.

Health benefits of eating cucumber

1. Its natural laxative also promote healthy hair

2. High water content good for tired Eyes

3 . Help with Stomach problem also help with acne problems

4. It helps with high blood pressure also promotes oral health

5. Good for weight loss low calorie also promote healthy skin

6.eases nausea

Thank you so much for your time to read out my blog and how to share my blog with your families friends and it will really helpful in creating a good health for your loved ones.

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