Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

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Water is life as we all know that water is important aspect of our life. Pure water is really a necessary source that our body really needs it regularly as it can not exist without water even on the whole planet not a single living things can exist here. We can live for some time without food for 10 to 15 days but we can not even imagine to live without water even a single day or two days hardly.
Regular intake of pure water in sufficient quantities nourishes our body with all necessary mineral that takes care of our skin ,improves our body digestion problem , as it helps in flushing out toxin out of our body , it improves our mood also most important thing it enlighten our body skin and keeps our body away from being dehydrated.

Let us go through the advantages of Drinking water point to point. So that our readers does not gets bored.

- Drinking water helps in loosing weight.
- Prevents from constipation.
- Good for healthy heart.
- Reduces the risk of kidney stones.
- Help us fighting infection.
- Helps build and repair our muscle.
- Maintain ph balance of our body.
- Water makes your brain work better.
- Regulates our body temperature.
- Glowing skins as water helps to purge toxins from the blood which keeps your skin Glowing and clear.
- Water is the best source of calcium and magnesium.
- Alkaline water neutralises our stomach acid.
- Mineral in Alkaline water Reduces blood pressure.
- Reduces the risk of cancer.
- Makes you look younger and healthier.
- Natural remedy for headache.

There are some famous quotes related to water that I think our readers should know it when we are engaging with such an important matters around us.

- Water which is too pure has no fish in it.
- Water is the only drink for wise man.
- Fire water and government knows nothing of mercy.
- Stil Water runs no Mills.
- Cure of anything is salt water , sweat , tears or sea water.
- With true friends even water drunk together is sweat enough.
- Pines with thirst amidst of sea waves.

Right time to drink water through your day or night.

- Three glass of water daily after waking up from bed in morning it is very much usefull in order to increase our body internal energy.
- One glass of water after taking bath that neutralises our body blood pressure.
- Two glass of water before taking food that keeps us away from digestion problem.
- Half glass of water before going to bed that is important to keeps us away from heart attack.

Do you know by the time you started feeling thirsty your body already getting dehydrated.Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue , headache , false feeling of hunger and decreased performance during physical activity.

Some interesting facts about our body regarding water is that 75 percent of our muscle build from water , our bones contain 25 percent of water as well , and 85 percent of our blood consist of water .

However after lots of advantages of water there are some deadly facts also. Let us focus some light on it.

- Water can be chemically synthesised by surning rocket fuel.
- Over consumption of water can cause excessive sweating and urination leads to death.
- 100 percent of all serial killers, rapist and drug dealers have admitted to Drinking water.
- 100 percent of all peoples body exposed to it will die.
- Water is the leading cause of drawning.
- Water is the main ingredient in herbicides and pesticides.

Ten ways that can lead you drink more water adopt these habits in daily routines.

1. Use a straw for drinking water.
2. Buy a pretty water bottle.
3. Set an alarm every hour.
4. Spice it up with fruit.
5. Drink 1 cup before every meal.
6. Everytime you go to bathroom drink 1 cup of water.
7. Drink two cups of water before going to bed.
8. Compete with friends.
9. Buy a 640z bottle and finish it everyday.
10. For every non water beverage drink 2 cups.

Some important statistics on existence of water

- Water is free source available from nature but then even its industry worth over 400 billion dollars.
- 75 percent of American people are dehydrated.
- The water available today is same as that drank the dinasource 20 million years ago.
- 90 percent of water is in the form of salt water or sea, only 10 percent is fresh water and out of those only 3 percent are available to drink and the 7 percent are remain frozen in the glaciers.
- Only 1 out of 100 gallon of water are drinkable.
- Around 780 million of people do not have access to clean drinking water.
- It is projected that nearly 2/3 of the world will face water shortages by 2025.
- Around 6-8 million people die annually from water related disease.

Conclusion : Water is very usefull and very important assets around us that we need on daily basis from Drinking to bathing , for keeping our society clean so always save water and drink water as our body needs it before your body gets dehydrated.

Hope you like my blog share it with your loved ones friends families and let them also aware about advantages of Drinking water and its Health Benefits

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