Health Awareness Programme - Precaution is better than Cure

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Health Awareness Programme - Precaution is better than Cure


Health is wealth as we all are familiar with this slogan. When Health is so important then it is our duty to know some health tips that are so decisive for our health.


1》120/80 Normal

2》130/85 Normal Control

3》140/90 High Blood Pressure

4》150/95 Very High


1》72 per minute is standard.

2》60 - 80 per minute is normal.

3》40 - 180 per minute is abnormal.


1》98.4 F is normal.

2》99.0 F Above is fever.


What is Your Type and how common is it?

*A+*        1 in 3        35.7%
*B+*        1 in 12        8.5%
*AB+*     1 in 29        3.4%
*O-*        1 in 15        6.6%
*A-*        1 in 16        6.3%
*B-*        1 in 67        1.5%
*AB-*     1 in 167        .6% (Rarest)

Compatible Blood Types

O- can receive *O-*
O+ can receive *O+, O-*
A- can receive *A-, O-*
A+ can receive *A+, A-, O+, O-*
B- can receive *B-, O-*
B+ can receive *B+, B-, O+, O-*
AB- can receive *AB-, B-, A-, O-*
AB+ can receive *AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+,  A-,  O+,  O-*

  Drinking 1 Glass of Water at the Right Time Maximizes its effectiveness on the  Human Body

1》1 Glass of Water   after waking up - helps to activate internal organs.

2》1 Glass of Water 30 Minutes   before a Meal helps digestion.

3》1 Glass of Water   before taking a Bath  - helps lower your blood pressure.

4》 1 Glass of Water before going to   Bed -  avoids   Stroke  or Heart  Attack.

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