Bomb blast in Russia in Sanaya metro station in Saint Petersburg 10 people died so far

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Bomb blast happened its Two continuous bomb blast happen in Russian metro station in Saint Petersburg and so far 10 peoples died.

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Two blast in Saint Petersburg the subway station in Sanaya metro square Russia in train it is supposed to be a terrorist attack and 10 peoples died in this attack so far peoples are running here and there the Russian officials are not denying that the incident happened earlier is a terrorist attack blast was highly intense the blast happened inside the metro train after blast there was lots of smokes and peoples are running running and everywhere smokes and initially peoples are helping each other earlier at Sanaya metro square Saint Petersburg

Subway metro stations and 8 more subway metro station are kept closed after the bomb blast and according to the sources the peoples are not denying that its a terrorist attack and specially the ISIS hands behind this bomb blast

More than 50 peoples are told to being injured in this blomb blast so we can identify the intensity how intensified blast is this one in this blast the iron balls are being used in the bombs

The blast the earliest last images of the metro train is being released and you can see the main image that How intensified blast it was . it is being suppose that and there were womens kids also in the injured people

The main point is that this blast happen inside the metro train not outside the train but inside the metro train Saint Petersburg is the Russia second most biggest city after moscow

Bomb blast happened in the Sanaya Mitra Square in Saint Petersburg in Russia earlier this evening today. Because of this Bomb Blast 8 stations is being kept closed

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin he said that this attack will be investigated from every angle from terrorist and from common angle from every angle the Agencies will be investigating the bomb blast happened today and the president was there in the same city earlier this morning in sent pitsburg Russia

Hope those who died in this blast God bless thier soul peace and thank you for your time share social media thank you so much :)

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