Amazingly Good and Bad Side effects of Bold Decision by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi Ji to Banned 500 & 1000 Notes Series

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Amazingly Good and Bad Side effects of Bold Decision by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi Ji to Banned 500 & 1000 Notes Series


Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi Ji Has taken very brave and bold decision by doing banned on 500 and 1000 notes series in India from Nov 8 Mid night after 12:00 PM.There are some really amazing facts that occurred during these hard time people are suffering from some problems but they are welcoming the decision taken by our government anyway.This step is really welcoming decision that should be welcomed by everyone from rich to poor from kashmir to kanyakumari. Now a days whats happenning is common peoples are appreciating the decision but not the political parties

Lets have a look on some Amazingly Good and Bad Side effects of Bold Decision by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi Ji to Banned 500 & 1000 Notes Series

Point No. #1 SBI gets one months deposits in one day Times of India Quote Banks have received nearly Rs 60,000 crore in deposits following the withdrawal of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes. SBI alone has raised about Rs 39,677 crore in deposits following the withdrawal of high denomination notes. Bankers expect the surge in deposits to bring down interest rates.

Point No. #2 Notices put up in a temple in Kanpur asking people not to donate scrapped Rs 500 Rs1000 notes.

Point No. #3 Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in queue at SBI in Delhis Parliament street, reports ANI what a coincidence with 4000 rs

Point No. #4 Poor will not suffer, but some political parties have become poor, Amit Shah says.

Point No. #5 Rs 500 and 1000 notes may have an impact on elections, lot of politicians are already worrying: Manohar Parrikar,Defence Minister

Point No. #6 I-T department came into action after they received information on jewellers and hawala operators discounting banned notes at 40%

Point No. #7 Sudden ban on notes has caused immense hardships to commoners, farmers and poor: Mulayam

Point No. #8 Believe it or not, if this policy is implemented most of the illegal and black money used by politicians during election will disappear from circulation once for all.

Point No. #9 Tackle terrorism: Terrorism is mostly funded through black money and fake notes. This step will squeeze funding for anti-national and illegal activities.

Point No. #10 Boost to formal banking channel: It will bring a huge amount of funds in the banking channel. This could result in the increased use of plastic money and electronic payments in the day-to-day transactions. It will move India on the path of becoming a cashless economy.

Point No. #11 Political parties: It is an open secret that political parties disburse cash to voters prior to elections. A huge amount of cash is transported from one location to another for this purpose. Now, they will not be able to use cash over and above the spending limit set up by the Election Commission for campaigning purposes.

Point No. #12 Crores of Money being thrown in river ganga becouse they were just the blck money and of no use anymore.

Point No. #13 No surprise that most of the political class & parties are not supporting this step taken by modi government

Point No. #14 A women who died of heart attack after listening banned news by pm modi just becouse she sold her property and collected approx 54 lack and these money are of no use anymore

Point No. #15 There is no Gps based nano chip technology in 2000 notes it was only false rumour

Point No. #16 Purchase in gold and its price is beng drastically hiked since the day one just after 8th november midnight

Point No. #17 In South of india some politicians started distributing their black money to common people in the form of free loan of 3 lakh these politicians are trying to convert there black money to white

Point No. #18 Our Prime minister with his just one decision made pakistan dawood and their so called hawala karobar dead financially so they are helpless and so poor now they cant fund there terror activities anymore.

Point No. #19 In India now a days black money holders are purchasing the poors or common mans bank account to deposite their black money

Point No. #20 In Uttar Pradesh Barelly crores of black money are being burnt on the street and on so many other places as well

Point No. #21 Real State are just shocked with this decision by modi resulting in lowering in property prices later. It was supposed that most the black money consumed by our real estate

Point No. #22 Most of the Political parties are having trouble of loosing the upcoming uttar pradesh election becouse they can no more spend black money

Point No. #23 1000 notes series will also come soon along with 500 and 1000 notes new series.

Point No. #24 In kolkata golf club 2-3 crores of ruppees have been torn apart and spread on the street.

Finally we would say thankyou to our honorable primeminister for his brave and bold decision . People who likes this post please share on social network

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