Amazing facts about indian made drone and its capabilities - Rushtam 2

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Amazing facts about indian made drone and its capabilities - Rushtam 2


For the fitst time india made its own unmanned aerial vehicle called Drone it was developed at the chitradurga flight test range in the southern state of karnataka. Rushtam has completed its first maiden flight and passed on all the expected parameters .The test flight took place from auronautical test range chitradurga karnataka. The main objective of drone rushtam is mainly proving its flying capabilities such as take off landing and bank level flight.

Here are some amazingly interesting fact about indian drone Rushtam 2

Fact #1 Rushtam 2 also called Tapas 201

Fact #2 This drone has been developed on the line of american predator drone

Fact #3 Rushtam 2 was developed by aeronautical development establishment the bengluru based lab of DRDO

Fact #4 Two parterner company were involved Hindustan aeronautics ltd. and Bharat electronics ltd.

Fact #5 Indian army are planning to develop around 5000 drones with different caliber

Fact #6 Rushtam2 weight is 1800 kg

Fact #7 It can fly non stop continue 35 hours maximum speed is 350 km per hour and at an average speed of 250 km per hour

Fact #8 It can carry 350 kg weighed weapons

Fact #9 Everything is automatic from take off to landing

Fact #10 Rushtam is the biggest threat to pakistan army and its terrorist convoy

Fact #11 Rushtam 2 wings are 21 meter long

Fact #12 It can easily fly at the height of 30000 feet above the ground

Fact #13 Rushtam 2 will be capable of taking anti tank missiles during its flight

Fact #14 It will be nearly impossible to track rushtam in enemy radar systen

Fact #15 It will be capable of destroying enemy ground bunkers

Fact #16 It is capable of taking high defination images of enemy convoy

Fact #17 Its fighting caliber of its launched missiles will be 250 km range or even more

Adding such powerfull assets to indian army will be huge boost to indian army. Its definately a huge milestone acheivement for indian forces

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