50 reasons to do exercise daily

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50 reasons to do exercise daily

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Exercise not only changes your body which changes your mind attitude and mood.Exercise is the most potent and under utilised antidepressant.
.Famous quotes given by some famous people regarding exercise
- Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement and metallurgical physical exercise save it and preserve it. -Plato

Here are the list of 50 health benefits of doing regular exercises

1. Exercise list saver mode

2. Exercise improves your learning abilities

3. Builds self esteem

4. Keeps your brain fit

5. Keeps your body fit and Able

6. Boost Your mental health

7. Boost Your immune system

8. Reduces stress

9. Makes you feel happier

10. It has anti aging affects

11. Improve skin tone and colours

12. Improves sleeping pattern

13. It help prevent strokes

14. Improves joint function

15. Improves muscle strength

16. Sharpen memories

17. Alliviates anxiety

18. Help to control addiction

19. Boost productivity

20. Boost creative thinking

21. Improves body image

22. Gives you confidence

23. Keeps you focused in your life

24. Controls eating habits

25. Increases longevity

26. Strengthen your bones

27. Strengthen your heart

28. Improve posture

29. Prevent cold

30. Improve appetite

31. Pimples cholesterol level

32. Reduce risk of certain cancer

33. Reduce high blood pressure

34. Lower risk of diabetes

35. Self fighting dementia

36. Eases back pain

37. Decreases osteoporosis risk

38. Reduces feeling of depression

39. Prevents muscle loss

40. Increases energy and endurance

41. Increases is sports performance

42. Increases when resistance

43. Improve balance and coordination

44. Improves concentration

45. Help with self control

46. Lessens fatigue

47. Increasing sex drive and satisfaction

48. Makes life more exciting

49. Improve quality of life

50. Improves oxygen supply to cells

Finally I will conclude my words by saying that exercise is very important part of our lives we do it according to your situations and has asked it and thank you very much for reading a blog please share it and let your friends know the health benefits of exercise.

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