30 health benefits of eating bananas daily at least once Nutritious and Yummy

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30 health benefits of eating bananas daily at least once Nutritious and Yummy


Banana is the only fruit that is easily available in all season it does not matter if its winter summer rainy season or springs.Its easily available very cheap to buy very healthy everybody can afford it no matter what financial condition they been suffering from.We can say that banana is the real fruit in looks in taste evrywhere its just amazing to have daily one banana in breakfast .

Heare is the list of 30 Nutritious and Healthy benefits of eating bananas daily

1. Antidiarrheal Green Bananas

2. Its really energetic food

3. It helps with hangover and dippression

4. Banans helps circulation

5. Fight infection

6. It protects our skin from ultraviolet light radiation

7. Best advantage of eating bananas is its anti-ulcer property

8. Bananas supress prostate gland enlargement

9. It suppress oxalate kidney stones

10. Bananas are anti diabetic

11. Banana enhance nutrient absorption.

12. Banana are really helpfull for thin people to gain weight

13. It helps to fight obesity

14. Its a kind of heartburn remedy

15. It Helps maintain regular heartbeat

16. Reduce risk of stroke

17. Reduce symptoms of nicotine withdrwal

18. Lower blood pressure

19. help body deliver oxygen to the brain

20. Fight depression and anxiety

21. Reduce manstural pain

22. Reduce itches and pains of bug bites

23. its anti inflammatory

24. It may be helpfull for preventing kidney cancer

25. It help curb sugar cravings

26. It helps age related macular degeneration.

27. It is helpfull for eye sight health and night vision related problem.

28. Protection from bone breakdown.

29. It boost our brain power.

30. It regulate our bowel system

Include banana in your daily meal to ensure your good health and it keeps you away from bad health digestive related issues

Thankyou for your precious time to read out our article hope this will be helpfull to you Thanks alot !!

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